Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Celebration Feb 6th 2013

Come join us to celebrate the completion of the Earth Maker's Mural
at Killarney Community Centre, 6260 Killarney St., Vancouver

4 pm to 6 pm
February 6th, 2013

Music, refreshments, art making and lots about bogs

Free and all are welcome to join us!
See you there

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Making the artwork

Seniors Walking Group - the group toured the Camosun Bog and then returned to the centre to create printed images of plants, birds, frogs for the final mural

The 300 or so images that were created during the month of April were sorted and traced onto acetate sheets to be enlarged on an overhead projector to the correct size for the final mural. This image shows the Youth coucil volunteers at work.

The designs were cut into the birch plywood panels using a router, then sanded smooth

3 coats of varnish finished the panels and they are ready for installation.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Youth Council Tours Camosun Bog

Susan Chung - aka  Crazy Bogger takes us on a tour of Camosun Bog. We learned about the competitive forces at work between the bog and the forest that you see on the other side of the boardwalk. The sphagnum was very beautiful - it seems to glow!

Poking a long stick into the bog gave us a really good idea of just how deep the peat beneath the surface is.

Susan gave us some very close up peeks at the emerging plants.

This is a young sundew. It was carefully placed back into the bog to continue growing.

Many artifacts have been found during the restoration of the bog. This is an ink well.

We came back to Killarney and learned how to make relief prints - inspired by the bog

Drawing from nature, photographs, memories. Making printed images that can later be translated onto the wooden panels for the final artworks. We now are ready to help the community make their artworks through the month of April.  

Come Join us April 11th at 7pm - Killarney Community Centre - Susan will be bringing the Traveling Mini Bog and giving a presentation about bogs!   You will then have a chance to make a print. Free!

Youth Coucil visits Camosun Bog

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Walk in Camosun Bog

Saturday I headed out to Camosun bog to take some photos for the project. What a wonderful oasis it is with all the subtle colours of the mosses. Some of the Crazy boggers were there restoring an new area of the bog. Laurence kindly showed me around and introduced me to some of the resident plants and an interesting wildlife tree that is full of sapsucker holes.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

April 11th - 7pm, Bogs! a presentation by Susan Chung

April 11th       7 – 9pm
Earth Makers Public Presentation
Killarney Community Centre - free

Did you know that Killarney Community Centre was built on what was once a bog or a fen?

See a traveling mini bog.  Learn about these unique wetlands and the competing forces between bog and forest. Find out about the special role that bogs play in our environment.

A special presentation will be given by Susan Ng Chung of the Camosun Bog Restoration Group and Stanley King of the Codesign Group. After the presentation you will learn how to make your own hand made print about bog life. Everyone is welcome.

Questions?  email Pat Beaton bogmuseum2012@gmail.com